Postponed City of Bryant fireworks display to be held after Homecoming game

The City of Bryant will punctuate Homecoming at Bryant High School with a fireworks display[more] following Friday night’s football game between the Hornets and Sheridan Yellowjackets at Bryant Stadium.

It will be the display that was originally planned for the Fourth of July but was postponed by drought conditions. Thunderstorms in the area prevented the display last weekend at Fall Fest so Mayor Jill Dabbs has offered to present the fireworks on Friday night.

After the game, everyone in and around the south endzone will be moved to the north end to enjoy the show, which will originate behind the south endzone bleachers.

Anyone in the student bleacher section will also be moved toward the north end. Those in the main bleachers or the visitor’s section may enjoy the show from their seats.

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