Randy Cox retires as Bryant Fire Chief

By Jamie Miller

Bryant Fire Chief Randy Cox has announced his resignation from the Bryant Fire Department after[more] 33 years of service including 22 years of serving in Bryant. Cox has served as Fire Chief for 13 years.

"Chief Cox will be sorely missed,” said Bryant mayor Jill Dabbs. “He has been a tremendous asset to the fire department, the city of Bryant and to my administration."

Cox announced his retirement on Monday morning, April 23, in a letter.

"With injuries I received on the job in 2009, several surgeries, as well as the everyday struggles and constant pain, I can no longer meet the requirements of my job," Cox said in his letter.
He stated that his last day of service would be May 25.

Cox also thanked Mayor Dabbs for giving him the opportunity to continue to serve the city he loves and he thanked the present and past City Councils for their supports of him throughout his years of service.

"I have no doubt that, even thought he won't be Fire Chief, he will continue to be involved in the community,” Dabbs said. “He loves Bryant. He has made a difference in the lives of our residents in ways most people don't know. It has been an honor to work with him."

The Bryant Fire Department currently has 48 full time employees who work at three different stations in Bryant.

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