Senior Profile: Britten Lovelace

Editor’s note: This is a regular feature profiling senior athletes at Bryant High School.

Britten Lovelace

Name: Britten Lovelace

Parent’s names: Ray and Terri Lovelace

Siblings: Kyle Lovelace (age 16)

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite spare time activity: Watching movies

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite music artist or group: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast[more]

Favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars

What was your favorite toy when you were a little kid? "Squeaky Mouse" (stuffed animal)

What are your plans after high school? Attend ASU for premedical sciences

Other than your parents who’s had the biggest influence on your life? Blake (cheer coach) he pushes me to put the effort into the things I want to achieve so I can get better

What’s your favorite thing about cheer? Performing

What do you feel are your primary responsibilities? To keep a positive attitude and bring others around me up so we can achieve our goal as a team

What are your thoughts on the season? This is the best Bryant team I've ever been on, everyone puts in the effort it takes to get the skills we need

What’s been the highlight to the season? Winning overall at Mayflower – it really boosted our confidence and pushed us to want to be even better

What’s it going to take for the team to be successful at Nationals? We just need to come together as a team and perform the routine we know how to do!

What abour your cheering are you most confident about? The dance – I love to dance

What do you work hardest in practice to improve? My tumbling and jumps

After you’re through with you cheer career at Bryant High and you look back on it, what do you thing will be your fondest memories? Getting to go to Disney World every year with my best friends. It's the ideal vacation!

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