Sheridan pins first loss on Hornets


Bryant's Garrett Bock, 11, slides into second with a stolen base as Sheridan second baseman Zach Perkins reaches for the throw.

By Rob Patrick

BENTON — When baserunners are as few as they were for the Bryant Hornets and the Sheridan Yellowjackets in their second-round match at the Benton Panther Invitational Tournament on Thursday, Feb. 26, it behooves a team to make the most of what they get.

Sheridan did. Alas, the Hornets did not.

As a result, the Yellowjackets pinned the first loss of the season on Bryant, 3-0, to advance to the championship game against the winner of Friday's (or Saturday's, depending on the weather) other semifinal between Little Rock Catholic and the host team. Bryant was set to play the loser of that contest, after hosting Lake Hamilton in a regular-scheduled game on Friday afternoon at 4:30.

"We just didn't compete at the plate," asserted Hornets coach Kirk Bock. "We didn't compete offensively. We practice that. We just didn't execute the system. And we made some baserunning mistakes and it hurt us. We certainly have things to work on but I am disappointed in not executing.

"We made some blunders defensively that, in a tight game, hurt you too," he added.[more]

Bryant actuallBryant's Ben Wellsy had more baserunners than Sheridan with five hits, four walks but stranded six and lost three more on the bases. The Jackets had four hits and two walks but only stranded two.

Josh Young got credit with the win, giving way to Tyler Lathan after issuing a lead-off walk to Brady Butler in the top of the seventh. Lathan got the final three outs for the save.

Ben Wells absorbed the loss for the Hornets allowing just three hits — one of them iffy — all in the fourth. Kaleb Jobe finished with two shutout innings of relief.

Wells had, in fact, faced the minimum through three innings thanks to a pickoff of Landon Moore, whom he had walked to start the bottom of the first. In the fourth, however, he issued a second pass to Moore. With Shane Harrington at the plate, a wild pitch sent Moore to second and a passed ball got him to third so when Harrington bounced one to second for the first out, Sheridan had a run before it had managed a hit.

The hit came next, though, when Kurt Stamper fought off one tough two-strike pitch then laced a single to left. He swiped second, took third on another wild pitch and, after Wells struck out Cody Clemons, scored on a double to deep center by Ryan Bridges to make it 2-0.

Young followed with a shot that skipped past Tyler Sawyer at short and into the gap in left-center for an RBI double to make it 3-0.

Sheridan managed just two other base runners in the game, both coming in the sixth on a hit batsman who was subsequently picked off and a two-out bloop single by Clemons.

Kaleb Jobe was on base three times for the Hornets against Sheridan.

As for the Hornets, a lead-off walk in the second went for naught when Harrington gunned down courtesy runner Evan Jobe trying to steal second. In the third, Brennan Bullock beat out an infield hit then swiped second but was stranded when Justin Blankenship's liner to first was speared by Sheridan's Colton Gilbert then Hunter Mayall's was thrown out on a grounder to second.

The Hornets had baserunners in the fourth as well. Garrett Bock singled and stole second. With one out, Kaleb Jobe walked. With two down, Wells cranked one deep to left but the ballpark held it and Lathan flagged it down with his back to the fence to end the inning.

Bryant's best chance to score came in the sixth when a pair of base-running blunders undermined the effort. Mayall singled to lead off the inning but was picked off first by Harrington. With two down, Sawyer drew a walk, Kaleb Jobe beat out an infield hit then Caleb Milam lined a single to left only to have the pinch runner for Sawyer caught between third and home for the third out.

Butler's lead-off walk in the seventh gave the Hornets a glimmer of hope for a comeback. But Lathan fanned two around a force out to end it. 



Hornets (1-1) Jackets (3-0)

ab r h bi ab r h bi

Mayall, dh 3 0 1 0 Moore, cf 1 1 0 0

Bock, cf 3 0 1 0 Harrington, c 2 0 0 1

Sawyer, ss 2 0 0 0 Stamper, rf 3 1 1 0

Garrett, pr 0 0 0 0 Clemons, ss 3 0 1 0

K.Jobe, c 1 0 1 0 Bridges, 3b 3 1 1 1

E.Jobe, cr 0 0 0 0 Young, p 2 0 1 1

Milam, 1b 3 0 1 0 Easley, cr-lf 0 0 0 0

Wells, p 2 0 0 0 Lathan, lf-p 2 0 0 0

Butler, c 0 0 0 0 Gilbert, 1b 2 0 0 0

E.Jobe, cr 0 0 0 0 Perkins, 2b 2 0 0 0

Taylor, 2b 3 0 0 0

Bullock, lf 3 0 1 0

Blankenship,rf 3 0 0 0

Alford, 3b 0 0 0 0

Totals 23 0 5 0 20 3 5 3

Bryant 000 000 0 — 0

Sheridan 000 300 x — 3

E—none. LOB—Bryant 6, Sheridan 2. 2B—Bridges, Young. SB—Bullock, Bock, Stamper.

Pitching ip r er h bb so


Young (W) 6 0 0 5 4 4

Lathan (S) 1 0 0 0 0 2


Wells (L) 4 3 3 3 2 4

K.Jobe 2 0 0 1 0 4

Young faced one batter in the seventh.

HBP—Harrington (by K.Jobe). WP—Wells 3. PB—K.Jobe. 






  1. Another Hornet Fan

    I have a couple of questions to ask Coach Bock and the coaching staff of the Bryant Hornets.
    With that being said, Where is the intensity? Where is the fire that used to run through these boys veins?
    I have been a Bryant Hornet fan for a long time and enjoy watching the games. I myself do not have a child on the team, but I pay attention. The parents and spectators aren’t having as much fun as they used to. The boys look miserable especially the ones who aren’t playing. It must be frustrating to watch a group of boys on the field that have been put up on a high horse, and haven’t done anything to impress.

    I can’t understand why you aren’t playing the boys with real heart and talent. I’m talking about the kids that love to be on the field and that would do anything you ask. Some of these boys are relying on college and I understand two have signed. OK, if they are ready for college, you wouldn’t think so after the last two games. What about the ninth grader and the tenth graders that had a few errors this week? You just shifted them around the field and it certainly didn’t get any better.

    Now I’m not a coach, but, can’t you see that this isn’t working. I can see it and so can so many others.
    So Coach Bock and the rest of the coaching staff, welcome to 7A ball! We know it’s hard, but it could be fair and at this point it seems very unfair to the kids that give you there heart and sole. And it’s also unfair to the parents and the supporters of the Bryant Hornets who want to see a good game with the players on the field that want to be there. It would really be nice to see that Hornet Pride roll back into the city sometime soon. I enjoy watching the games, but not like this.

  2. MC

    You people at Bryant don’t know how good you have it apparently. I was a former Hornet in the old days before all of this newness came to the city. Joe Calhoun was a great coach, Terry Harper was and is a great coach, who learned under Calhoun.
    Calhoun incidentally was coaching back then against Kirk Bock’s father at Pine Bluff who is a legend in Arkansas High School baseball.
    Now you gripe because of a loss to a very good Sheridan team?
    Kirk Bock is one of the best coaches in the state in any sport and he will win at Bryant.
    Geez, you have to give him time to put his program in the system. He’s a proven winner everywhere he’s been and in my opinion, I don’t think any of you have room to gripe about anything concerning baseball at this point.
    Coach Bock knows what he’s doing.

  3. The most beautiful thing I have experienced in Hornet Baseball this year was the snow right before they canceled the game Saturday night. Wow, it was a beautiful sight. Hope you didn’t miss it.

  4. Steve Glenn

    To another so called Hornet fan. Why don’t you put your name on your comment. Sounds like sour grapes to me who would like to see someone in particular play. That was a cheap shot at the two college signees one of which happens to be my grandson. I guess all of the college recruiters are wrong (by the way did they ask you opinion?). Coach Bock is a great coach and he is implementing a new proven program. I am sure it will take some time but in the end he will be very successful at Bryant. If it is so painful for you to watch maybe you should stay away, by the way don’t include me as one of the spectators not having fun. Why don’t you consider supporting this coaching staff instead of undermining it, oh that’s right you are not a coach so you could not possibly understand. Steve Glenn

  5. Mike Jobe

    Also, to a so called "Hornet Fan," I agree with Steve Glenn. Put your name on your comments. Don’t hide behind a phantom name or don’t comment at all. My name is Mike Jobe, and I’m the dad of the other College Signee. I also agree with Rob, one loss and here we go. Now you are a Baseball expert. From what I’ve been told, Coach Bock made it very clear that the players with 1) great work ethic, 2) great attitude and 3) heart would play, regardless of what grade they are in. To me, it doesn’t sound like sour grapes, it IS sour grapes. I don’t believe in the comment above (that you don’t have a player on the team). It sounds to me just like a nosey parent who thinks their son should be on the field. Let me guess – your son was an all-star in the BAA system and now can’t get into the starting line-up for the high school varsity team. Being an all-star is no small feat and an honor, but this is a new game and a new field. It doesn’t carry weight in high school or in American Legion Baseball. Most of these kids were an all-star in the BAA system, so it is a stepping stone. Now, about the College signees. I take offense to your comment. You have no idea what these kids have done and are still doing to get themselves ready for college in addition to their already demanding schedules. They have prepared year round, regardless of circumstances, working towards their goals. However, it is not about 2 players. If you played sports, you would know that Baseball, especially Baseball, is a team sport. We should all support whoever is on the field in every game. As we all know, we are a young team this year, and we are going to make young mistakes. (Be patient.) But in time, with Coach Bock’s system and hard work from all the players and coaches, we will be proud of all the accomplishments the Bryant High School Baseball Program will produce. I will say this, I support whoever is on the field in ALL games – win or lose. I support the players and coaches, and I appreciate the hard work they put into this program. Oh, and by the way, I agree with Steve Glenn, if this is so painful for you to watch and support this team, then stay away and let the real Bryant Baseball fans support their players and coaches. I’ve had the honor to get to know Coach Bock, Coach Jelks, and Coach Fisher, and I believe in what they are doing and their system. – Mike Jobe

  6. Marie Reed

    Now I am not scared to give my name, I am also another Hornet Fan and I have followed baseball for a while. I have read all the comments and I think it is funny how the ones who praise Coach Bock are the ones whos kids or grandkids play, so why would you complain. No I do not have a player on the team I dont even have kids that go to Bryant. I live out of state but I went to school in Bryant from 1st grade til I graduated in 1995.
    So with that being said, not saying that he is a bad coach, but with all honesty wouldnt a good coach take out the ones who made a few mistakes. Mistakes happen they all good players but he shouldnt have kept them in or switch them around, he should have taken them out and put a fresh player in at the time.
    I will always be a Hrnet Fan til the end but their are players who do deserve to be out playing the game instead of sitting the bench. Try it, heck what could it hurt, you may see that it is the best decision.
    Marie Reed

  7. devoted hornet baseball mom

    I think everyone is missing the point! You are not the coach! Kirk Bock is the coach and like it or not, he deserves your respect! I would like to address a couple of "issues". First of all playing time. Those of you who have a son on the team should agree that all of those boys started out with equal opportunity to prove themselves and to show their ability to play. With that being said, you have to know that all are not equal. Does my son play? Yes, he does. Is it because he is a so-called favorite? I don’t think so. He didn’t have dad or grand-dad as a coach in little league. (no offense Mike or Steve). He has always just played on his ability and hard work. He was not an all-star. He had some of the best coaches in the BAA (Catton, Parker, and of course, Mike Jobe) who taught him good work ethic. Maybe, just maybe, the kids who are not playing really have not put forth their full potential. Have you asked them "Are you giving Coach Bock and baseball 100%?" As far as the issue of the parents and fans not having fun, could it be because so far we have been bundled up so tightly to keep from freezing to death that our gloves muffle the sound of our clapping? All of those players need our support and they need to know that whether they are on the field or in the dugout, they are a part of that team and they each have something to contribute. Maybe the reason they look so miserable is because we as parents sometimes make them feel like if they aren’t playing then they have no purpose for being there!!

  8. Steve Glenn

    Not to beat a dead horse, but to Marie. My grandson was a starter for 2 years before Coach Bock became coach at Bryant. Coach Bock is a great coach whether my grandson plays for him or not. One thing we need to remember is this is Coach Bock’s job. I am sure he takes everything (which involves a lot more than making out a lineup) into consideration when he and the coaching staff make a decision. Give them a little credit for doing what they think is right. Go Hornets! Steve Glenn

  9. Marie Reed

    Mr. Glenn
    I really do respect what you say and I am not trying to be hateful. I hope everyone on the team acheives the goals they are setting out to do. Like I said before all the players are good they wouldnt be on the team if they werent. I am just stating that everyone is on the team for a reason. I hope Coach Bock does great in Bryant, No I know he will do good in Bryant. I would just like to see what the other players have and what can they bring to the field.

  10. Rob

    Ms. Reed,
    With all due respect, that’s why they play JV and B games.

    As I have said many times: No one wants to win in any sport more than the coaches. Ultimately, their livelihoods depend on it.

    That’s the last word. This thread is now closed.

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