Sign ordinance outlined; public hearing planned June 13

By Jamie Miller

The Planning and Community Development department of the City of Bryant is[more] hard at work on the new sign ordinance that was requested by the City Council a few months back.

In February, the Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan for the City and a step in the plan is to revise the City’s Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. While working on that part of the plan, the abundance of signs became a topic for discussion from Council members. As a result, the Council asked the Planning and Community Development department to begin working on sign regulations.

According to LaVenia Jones, Director of the Planning and Community Development department, some highlights of the ordinance include:

– To promote attractive signage and comprehensively address community aesthetic concerns about visual clutter.

– To encourage businesses to design and locate signs to be visually complementary and compatible with the scale and architectural style of its’ primary structure.

– No new billboards will be allowed within the City limits.

– Businesses will be allowed only one freestanding sign on the property and one building sign.

– Such things as size, placement, and lighting will be regulated.

– Off-premises signs will be prohibited.

– Advertising banners at businesses will be limited to 60 days per year at no cost.

– Certain exceptions will be allowed for campaign signs and temporary signs promoting non-business or non-profit events.

– Code Enforcement Officers will begin removal of illegal signs, pennants, flags, off-premise banners and snipe signs within six months of the passage of the ordinance.

The sign ordinance is in its’ fourth draft and a public hearing will be taking place on Monday, June 13.

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