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Coffee News is now in restaurants across Bryant, and it is launching in Benton on March 1, 2010. The distinctive sepia toned paper offers interesting stories, trivia, quotes, and local events, available at no charge in their countertop stands at businesses in these communities and others in the area.

Publisher Stephen Kincaid currently resides in Benton with his wife and children. His children attend Bryant schools where Stephen graduated in 1990. They love the small town life and enjoy being a part of the Saline County community. Stephen Kincaid is responsible for recruitment and placement of the Coffee News at over 60 locations in the area every week.[more]

The 31st annual Franchise 500 Guide published by Entrepreneur Magazine (January 2010) placed Coffee News at the top of its advertising services category and ranked it #54 overall.

"This recognition reinforces the growing popularity of our fun, weekly publication," said Kincaid, local franchise owner and publisher of Coffee News of Central Arkansas.

Each paper is typically read up to seven times by patrons. Local businesses may advertise. Coffee News is not a direct competitor of local newspapers both print and online, because it is not subscription-based nor delivered to homes; and it does not cover local news such as city and town council meetings and high school sports. Rather, it is another advertising medium for local businesses, but with a twist.

Advertisers enjoy exclusivity in that while their ads are running, no other business in their category can advertise at the same time. If two businesses within the same category are interested in advertising, the advertiser who signs their contract first will get the open spot.

Ads are not accepted from restaurants in order to increase distribution points in those locations.

"Our restaurant partners may not wish to carry the Coffee News if we were to accept an ad for one of their competitors," Kincaid pointed out.

The idea for Coffee News came about in 1988 when Jean Daum of Winnipeg placed her lunch order, then sat back to wait for the food to arrive. Bored stiff, she resorted to reading the information on the sugar packet. Suddenly it dawned on her restaurants were missing the boat by not providing patrons with something to read for a few minutes while waiting for their food.Daum, with her unique Coffee News concept, capitalized on the convergence of trends in which the way businesses advertise, the way people get their meals, how they spend their down time in the course or their busy day, and their expectation of entertainment. The result is a popular and fast growing publication available in over 30 countries around the world.

"There are many types of weekly newspapers & publications available for residents of the Mountain View area to pick up and read, but none are specifically designed for restaurant patrons to enjoy," added Kincaid.

For more information, contact Kincaid at or call 1-877-653-JAVA (5282). 

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