Tennis team showcase

Donte Baker

The Bryant High School tennis team held a showcase for their fans at Otter Creek on Friday, playing in an intrasquad tournament.

Top singles players Abbie Johnson and Blake Cunningham won the singles divisions. In doubles, Johnson combined with Kate Keith to finish first in the girls’ division while Logan Catton and Coby Greiner winning the boys division.

In singles, Johnson was first with Keith second and Elaine Qualls third. For the boys, Cunningham beat out Catton with Broc Ingold third.

Ava Smith and Megan Brown were second among the girls’ doubles teams. Jayla Osborne and Hope Hartz were third.

Cunningham and Ingold combined to finish second in the boys’ doubles competition. Donte Baker and Codi Kirby were third.

The showcase was originally scheduled for Aug. 18 but got rained out and postponed until Friday.

Bryant’s next competition will be Tuesday in a dual match with Benton at Tyndall Park.

Blake Cunningham

Elaine Qualls and Jayla Osborne

David Goshein and Daniel Dellorto

Codi Kirby

Hope Hartz, Megan Brown, Kate Keith and Ava Smith


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