7A-Central Conference baseball standings through April 30


Courtesy of Walter Woodie

7A-CENTRAL – Cabot is the top seed by winning out or just by beating North Little Rock Friday. Cabot can also clinch with a win over Northside and North Little Rock loss to Bryant on Tuesday. For North Little Rock to get the 1 seed, it needs to win both, including beating Cabot by 3 runs or more. If Bryant was to finish winning out and Cabot losing out, then a 3-way tie between Cabot, North Little Rock and Bryant would exist. If that scenario happens, Bryant would be the 1 seed and then the 2 seed will depend on North Little Rock’s win margin over Cabot.

Conway is no worse than the fourth seed but could take the 3 seed by winning out, including a win over Bryant (in that case, Conway would have swept the series). Catholic is locked in as the fifth seed. Northside is the sixth seed with a win or a Southside loss (Northside meets Southside on Friday. However, if Northside loses out and Southside wins out (including beating Northside by 2 runs or more), then Southside gets the 6th seed.

7A-WEST – Fayetteville is the top seed with a win over Van Buren. However, Van Buren can force a tie for first with a sweep of Fayetteville. In fact, a Van Buren sweep, a Springdale Har-Ber sweep (over Rogers Heritage) and a Bentonville sweep (over Bentonville West) will lead to a four-way tie for 1st place, which means three rounds of tiebreakers to settle to top 4 seeds.

Fayetteville, Van Buren, Har-Ber and Bentonville are the likely top 4 seeds. The lone exception is if Rogers sweeps and Bentonville is swept, then Rogers can become the 4 seed and Bentonville drops to fifth.

Springdale can be the fifth seed by sweeping Rogers, dropping the Mounties to sixth.


2017 baseball

Team                           Conf.

Cabot                           11-1

North Little Rock         10-2

Bryant                         9-3

Conway                       8-4

LR Catholic                  5-7

FS Northside               3-9

FS Southside               1-11

LR Central                   1-11

Tuesday, March 14

Bryant 8, FS Northside 2

North Little Rock 7, LR Central 3

Cabot 6, LR Catholic 2

Conway 3, FS Southside 0

Thursday, March 16

Bryant 6, LR Catholic 2

North Little Rock 4, Conway 3

Friday, March 17

Cabot 8, FS Southside 1

FS Northside 6, LR Central 5

Tuesday, March 28

Bryant 10, LR Central 0

LR Catholic 8, FS Northside 0

Cabot 1, Conway 0, 8 innings

North Little Rock 2, FS Southside 1

Friday, March 31

Bryant 6, FS Southside 1

Cabot 6, LR Central 5, 8 innings

LR Catholic 1, North Little Rock 0

Conway 9, FS Northside 4

Tuesday, April 4

Cabot 3, Bryant 2

North Little Rock 12, FS Northside 0

Conway 9, LR Central 4

LR Catholic 10, FS Southside 0

Thursday, April 6

Conway 7, LR Catholic 1

Friday, April 7

North Little Rock 9, Bryant 3

FS Southside 5, LR Central 2

Cabot 10, FS Northside 0

Tuesday, April 11

Conway 2, Bryant 1

LR Central 2, LR Catholic 1

Cabot 6, North Little Rock 4, 10 innings

FS Northside 3, FS Southside 2

Wednesday, April 12

Cabot 7, LR Catholic 5

Friday, April 14

Bryant 7, FS Northside 2

North Little Rock 4, LR Central 2

Conway 10, FS Southside 0

Tuesday, April 18

Bryant 7, LR Catholic 0

Cabot 5, FS Southside 0

North Little Rock 4, Conway 2

FS Northside 4, LR Central 2

Thursday, April 20

LR Catholic 3, FS Northside 1

Cabot 14, Conway 2

North Little Rock 7, FS Southside 1

Friday, April 21

Bryant 7, LR Central 2

Tuesday, April 25

Bryant 3, FS Southside 2, 8 innings

Cabot 10, LR Central 5

North Little Rock 3, LR Catholic 0

Conway 11, FS Northside 0

Thursday, April 27

Bryant 3, Cabot 1, 8 innings

North Little Rock 3, FS Northside 1

Conway 12, LR Central 3

LR Catholic 5, FS Southside 1

Tuesday, May 2

North Little Rock at Bryant

FS Southside at LR Central

Conway at LR Catholic

Cabot at FS Northside

Friday, May 5

Bryant at Conway

LR Central at LR Catholic

North Little Rock at Cabot

FS Northside at FS Southside

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