Announcement issued regarding athletic physicals for 2021-22

Christa Finney, head athletic trainer for the Bryant School District, issued the following announcement regarding athletic physicals:

“In speaking with our team physicians as well as a couple of other providers who assist with our physicals each year, it has been determined that we need to take precautions for one more year. Several of our providers’ employers are still restrictive with their COVID policies and doing contract work outside of their respective clinics. 

“Mass physicals would also be very difficult keeping roughly 1000 kids socially distanced in their lines. The disinfecting time that would need to occur between athletes being examined and the amount of PPE we would need for our providers would also not be feasible.

“Therefore, after consulting with (athletic director) Coach (Mike) Lee, we WILL NOT be doing mass physicals for the 2021-2022 school year and athletes will be responsible for obtaining a physical from their own physician. Forms are located on Rank One under the Download and Print tab or may be obtained from their respective coaches. 

“We are hoping and praying that this will be the last year this is the case. Coaches will be responsible for setting the deadlines for their own teams. Parents are encouraged to check Rank One to determine when their athletes’ physicals will expire.”

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