Bethel boys finish track season with strong showing at Lakeside

HOT SPRINGS — With eight firsts from the eighth grade team and a season-high four firsts from the seventh grade team, the Bryant Blue Hornets of Bethel Middle School concluded the 2018 track season on Monday at Hot Springs Lakeside.

“The track was playing a little fast early in the day but then seemed to settle as the wind died down,” said Hornets coach Colton Bond. “I could not have been any prouder of our group than on Monday.

“We ended up having some new competitors in some events from other schools, who usually run in the ninth grade meets as eighth graders,” he related. “As a coach, I was wanting to see how our group responded to this variable and a little adversity in the unknown. I felt like we responded phenomenally with 12 personal records and beat some of the guys who are going to score points for their schools in the junior high conference meet.

“Our seventh grade group finally got over the hump and recorded four first place finishes with Xalen Curenton, Hayden Meshell, and Blake Ammons all garnering a blue ribbon,” the coach said. “I have said it all year long, to watch out for these young men. At some point their athletic ability is going to catch up with their work ethic and when that happens, watch out. They are a great group of young men.”

Bond named Fabian Torres and Jacob Karp as his eighth grade Subway Student-Athletes of the Week. For the seventh grade, it was Ammons and James Billingsley.

“Fabian is a pleasure to coach and is a great teammate,” he said. “Overall, he has been on the cusp of some standout performances and with Speer going down early in the year he had to step up on our sprint relays. I think what is best about Fabian is he is not afraid to test the unknown in regard to new events. Last year, he approached me about doing shot put and, reluctantly after our qualification days, I put him in the event. What I did not realize was he was putting in the work outside of his sprinting regimen to become a great thrower. I expect big things from this young man in the future.

“Jacob is a great young man who is always the first one here and the last one to leave,” the coach commented. “He comes from a great military family and it shows with the discipline he displays. I have only seen one other student-athlete in my time to possess his deep work ethic and he is doing big things in the professional ranks right now. He aspires to follow the family tradition of being in the military and I know he is going to be a great representative for the school and our country.

Regarding the seventh graders, Bond said, “Blake is a going to be a great athlete for this district. He has the frame and work ethic to be something special in the near future. He is constantly working on his craft to make sure he is going to put forth his best effort and it showed up on Monday with him breaking into the blue-ribbon ranks.

“James Billingsley is probably the best I have ever seen at controlling a pace,” he continued. “Once he gets into his stride, it is like he has tunnel vision and the outside variables do not affect him. He just keeps running his race then makes his move coming out of the curve down the home stretch. Much like Ammons, I feel like his best days are in front of him.”

Reflecting on the season, Bond adde, “Overall, it has been a pleasure to coach this group to a very successful track season. I am grateful for the opportunity the student-athletes’ parents and the district have given me to lead these young men.”

Here are the results from Monday’s meet (times are unofficial):
8th Grade

Long Jump

2nd Place- Blake Everett 17′ 2″

3rd Place- Logan White

4th Place- Dylan Atkinson

Triple Jump

3rd Place- Brandon Gabe 34′ 7″
3rd Place- Andrew Steuve
4th Place- Mason Butler

5th Place- Micheal Rivera

5th Place- Jaxon Holt

Shot Put

1st Place- Fabian Torres 40′

5th Place- Mason Miller

6th Place- Myles Witcher

7th Place- Kobe Perez


4th Place- Caden Hope 98’5″

7th Place- Matthew Griffe

8th Place- Peyton Page

High Jump

3rd Place- Layton Dickerson

6th Place- Andrew Steuve


2nd Place- Jackson Meshell, Taj Van Tassel, Drew MacIntire, Jaxon Holt- 9:26

4th Place- Dillon Hoover, Cameron Apel, Jacob Karp, Parker Sikes

100 Hurdles 

1st Place- Blake Snyder- 15.06
1st Place- Blake Everett-15.10

3rd Place- Logan White

3rd Place- Luis Garcia

5th Place- Deyvon Brewer

5th Place- Andrew Steuve

1st Place- Fabian Torres 12.24
2nd Place- Layton Dickerson

3rd Place- Carson Burnett

4th Place- Andrew Steuve

5th Place- Julian Smith


4th Place- Jackson Meshell- 5:33
5th Place- Drew MacEntire- 5:34


2nd Place- Blake Everett, Carson Burnett, Layton Dickerson, Fabian Torres

4th Place- Owen Lee, Carson Matson, Hunter Hagan, Jacob Knowlton

1st Place- Taj Van Tassel- 58.2

2nd Place- Jacob Karp
3rd Place-Gage Shepard

4th Place- Andrew Steuve

5th Place- Alec Humphreys

5th Place- Braxton Praither

300 Hurdles

1st Place- Blake Everett- 47.25

2nd Place- Blake Snyder

3rd Place- Mason Butler

5th Place- Logan White

6th Place- Dylan Atkinson

800 Meters

3rd Place- Jaxon Holt- 2:18

6th Place- Cameron Apel – 2:26

200 Meters

1st Place- Brandon Gabe 25.7

1st Place- Fabian Torres

2nd Place- Luis Garcia

3rd Place- Layton Dickerson

2nd Place- Taj Van Tassel, Jacob Karp, Gage Shepard, Blake Everett 4:01

3rd Place- Dillon Hoover, Hayden Upton, Drew MacEntire, Jaxon Holt

7th Grade

Long Jump

3rd Place- James Billingsley

4th Place- Jackson Fluger

5th Place- Joshua Luster

5th Place- Brody Troyer

6th Place- Chaney Crosby

Triple Jump
3rd Place- Sebastian Gough

3rd Place- Blake Ammons

4th Place- Caden Stovall

6th Place- Edwyn Delgadillo

7th Place- Ethan Skiles

High Jump

1st Place- Blake Ammons

5th Place- Aiden Shaw


4th Place- Hayden Meshell

Shot Put

1st Place- Hayden Meshell 30′

3rd Place- Hayden Samuel

5th Place- Cole Shields

6th Place- Joseph Cerutti


3rd Place- James Billingsley, Jason Apadoca, George Terry, Gavin Shelby-10:56

7th Place- Edwyn Delgadillo, Mitchell Elmore, Chaney Crosby, Joshua Luster

100 Hurdles

4th Place- Joshua Luster

5th Place- Hayden Meshell

6th Place- Mitchell Elmore

7th Place- Ethan Skiles

8th Place- Hunter Linn

100 Meters

1st Place- Xalen Curenton 12.58

2nd Place- David Vivar
4th Place- Brody Troyer

4th Place- Joshua Luster

6th Place- Mitchell Elmore

200 Meters

1st Place- Xalen Curenton- 27.31

3rd Place- David Vivar

7th Place-Edwyn Delgadillo

8th Place- Chaney Crosby

3rd Place- George Terry- 5:47


4th Place- James Billingsley, Caden Stovall, Joshua Luster, Xaylen Curenton

5th Place- Sebastian Gough, Evan Lamb, David Vivar, Jackson Fluger

2nd Place- Jackson Fluger
3rd Place- Evan Lamb

5th Place- Aiden Shaw

5th Place- Caden Stovall

6th Place- Blake Ammons

300 Hurdles

6th Place- Hunter Ellis

6th Place- Ethan Skiles
6th Place- Joshua Luster
7th Place- Mitchell Elmore

800 Meters

2nd Place- James Billingsley- 2:31

200 Meters

4th Place- Xalen Curenton

5th Place- Brody Troyer
5th Place- David Vivar

4×400 Meters

4th Place- James Billingsley, Evan Lamb, George Terry, Hunter Linn

5th Place- Cole Shields, Joshua Luster, Edwynn Jason Apadoca, Caden Stovall


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