Bethel boys turn in another strong performance

The Bethel Middle School Hornets track team competed at the Hornet Invitational Monday night. 

“The team had a great night with 13 first-place finishes (9 with seventh grade, four with the eighth grade),” noted Bethel coach Colton Bond  “The track was playing a little top heavy and fast (Monday) night, where you either wanted to be on the lead or right off of it. Once we made our adjustments and changed strategies a little bit, our student-athletes started running faster times. 

“Every track plays a little different, maybe the cooler temperatures had something to do with it,” he added, “however at the end of the day our young men went to work and found ways to win.”  

Of the seventh-grade, Bond said, “They started off right and took the 4×800 relay with Jacob Jones, Daniel Barrientos, Peyton Brack, and Layton Baugh winning a blue ribbon with a time of 10:37. Aiden Hughes followed suit with a first-place finish in the 110 hurdles. 

“Jaden Ashford (12.01), Cason Trickey (12.21), and Dylan Witcher (12.74) each won their respected heats of the 100,” he continued. “The 100 heat winners teamed up with Hughes to win the 4×100 relay with a time of 50.31. 

“In the 800, Barrientos was able to win a stretch duel between a runner from Lake Hamilton and Baugh, said the coach. “Barrientos won in a time of 2:34. 

“I think the highlight of the night was that 800 race,” he related. “Barrientos and Baugh were drafting the young man from Lake Hamilton then made their move in the stretch. They were three-wide across the track and Barrientos was barely edging away from both when Baugh moved to the inside to preserve the win for Daniel and our team. Baugh’s move was very selfless, and he put the team above himself. 

“Following Baugh was Brack, Jones, and Caleb Hawkins as we went 1,2,4,5,6 in the event,” Bond noted. “To follow it up, Ashford and Trickey won their heats of the 200 with Witcher and Hank Penfield running second. 

“Our seventh-grade young men had a great meet, we need to clean up some technical things. However, I was pleased on our night with many personal records being broken.”

Regarding the eighth-grade team, Bond said, “I thought we had a good meet with the highlights coming from Dylan Jones, Mitchell Elmore, and Cannon Starke. Traditionally speaking, we have always had a few good hurdlers at Bethel and Jones is slowly starting to put his name in that group. He was able to win his heats in the 100 and 300 hurdles. Jones has been having some good practices and, after the Hot Springs meet, we were able to tweak a few things which seemed to pay off. 

“Elmore has been knocking at the door however after we modified our plan with the track playing the way it was,” he continued. “Elmore was able to capitalize on a good pace then move forward in the stretch with a good finishing kick. 

“Cannon Starke, I knew if we could get him on the board, he had a shot to win the shot put and I was glad to see his technique come through,” the coach added. “I also thought James Billingsley, George Terry, and Aidan Shaw had another solid meet as well. We are knocking at the door with a few of our finishes. We’ve just got to keep striving and keep working.”

8th Grade

High Jump

3rd Place- Aidan Shaw

4th Place- Canon Hill

Shot Put

1st Place- Cannon Starke


4th Place- Ricardo Leos, James Billingsley, Mitchell Elmore, George Terry

7th Place- Edwin Delgadillo, Juan Ramirez, Tristan Shamlin, Carter Moore

100 Hurdles

1st Place- Dylan Jones

2nd Place- Hunter Linn

3rd Place- Kade Stewart

4th Place- Vincent Zhou

7th Place- Tyler Dobbs


2nd Place- Xalen Curenton

3rd Place- David Vivar


3rd Place-Aidan Shaw, Tyler Pinney, David Vivar, Xalen Curenton

6th Place- Dylan Jones, Gage Horn, Hunter Linn, Stephen Fuller


1st Place- Mitchell Elmore

3rd Place- Ricardo Leos

3rd Place- Hunter Linn

4th Place- Canon Hill

5th Place- Carter Moore

300 Hurdles

1st Place- Dylan Jones

4th Place- Vincent Zhou

6th Place- Gavin Shelby

8th Place- David Vivar


4th Place- James Billingsley

8th Place- George Terry


2nd Place- Xalen Curenton 

4th Place- David Vivar

5th Place- Stephen Fuller

5th Place- Gage Horn


4th Place- Aidan Shaw, Hunter Linn, Mitchell Elmore, Canon Hill

7th Place- George Terry, James Billingsley, Stephen Fuller, Gavin Shelby

7th Grade

Triple Jump

5th Place- Jacob Jones

6th Place- Hank Penfield

6th Place- Reece Finney

7th Place- Avery Barnett

High Jump

1st Place- Andrew Schroeder

4th Place- Lukas Barnett

6th Place- Isaiah Rivera

6th Place- Layton Baugh

6th Place- Peyton Brack

Shot Put

6th Place- Clifton Hunter

7th Place- Aaron Hernandez

8th Place-Daniel Cruz


2nd Place- Andrew Karp

7th Place- Clifton Hunter

8th Place- Daniel Cruz

8th Place- Zan Mian


1st Place- Brandon Avila, Daniel Barrientos, Peyton Brack, Layton Baugh-10:25

4th Place- Caleb Hawkins, Quentin Johnson, Andrew Bishop, Jacob Jones

100 Hurdles

1st Place- Aiden Hughes

4th Place- Tucker Everett

5th Place- Reece Finney

5th Place- Lukas Barnett

100 Meters

1st Place- Jaden Ashford-12.02

1st Place- Cason Trickey-12.10

1st Place- Dylan Witcher- 12.57

3rd Place- Hayden Salling

4th Place- Hayden Moreau


6th Place- Quentin Johnson- 6:13


1st Place- Dylan Witcher, Jaden Ashford, Aiden Hughes, Cason Trickey-50.8

4th Place- Isaiah Rivera, Hank Penfield, Andrew Karp, Hayden Salling


1st Place- Daniel Barrientos-1:04

1st Place- Jacob Jones- 1:06

2nd Place- Peyton Brack

2nd Place- Andrew Karp

6th Place- Daniel Cruz

7th Place- Aaron Hernandez

300 Hurdles

3rd Place- Tucker Everett

3rd Place- Hayden Moreau

4th Place- Lukas Barnett

6th Place- Andrew Schroeder

7th Place- Avery Barnett

800 Meters

1st Place- Layton Baugh-2:41

2nd Place- Jacob Jones- 2:43

4th Place- Caleb Hawkins

200 Meters

1st Place- Jaden Ashford-25.50

1st Place- Cason Trickey-25.54

1st Place- Isaiah Rivera-27.84

2nd Place- Hank Penfield

5th Place- Hayden Moreau

4×400 Meters

2nd Place- Aiden Hughes, Daniel Barrientos, Jacob Jones, Peyton Brack

5th Place- Andrew Karp, Quentin Johnson, Andrew Reyes, Hayden Moreau

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