Bethel girls shine at season’s second meet at Bryant

The Bethel Middle School Lady Hornets competed at the Bryant Middle School Invitational on Monday.

Said coach Denise Smith, “The girls competed in the their second meet of the middle school season. There were several standouts from the meet including seventh-grader Kylee Branch who won first place in discuss with a throw of 73’4”. The seventh-grade 4×800 relay (Emerson Wakefield, Lily Miller, Kaylee Fluger, and Aidan Fisher) won first place which was an improvement from last week. 

“Lily Miller has continued to lead the 1600 meter race winning this week with a time of 6:13,” she added.

“For the eighth grade Brylee Bradford continues to dominate, matching her own school records in high jump and the 800 meter race,” Smith said. “The 4×400 relay (Brylee Bradford, Laura Kate Thomas, Ryleigh Young, and Eliza Parker) concluded the night on a high note winning first place.” 

Results from Bryant meet:

7th grade Bethel Girls

Discuss: 1st-Kylee Branch 73’4”

4x800m: 1st-Emerson Wakefield, Lily Miller, Kaylee Fluger, Aidan Fisher 11:27

100m Hurdles: 1st-Jadyn Miller; 2nd-Tione Freeman; 3rd-Ahyanna Bradford; 7th-Cameron Cathey

100m Sprint: 2nd-Jayla Marks 13.37; 2nd-Weslynn Campbell 14.27; 6th-Sydney Morgan 15.31

1600m: 1st-Lily Miller 6:13; 4th-Daniela Palacios 6:36; 6th-Kaitlin Phillips 6:40

4x100m: 4th-Jayla Marks, Jadyn Miller, Sydney Morgan, Weslynn Campbell 57.77

400m: 2nd-Emerson Wakefield 1:06; 2nd-Taryn Robinson; 4th-Cameron Cathey 1:22; 4th-Natalie Stokes; 5th-Camryn McGuire

300 Hurdles: 1st-Kaylee Fluger 55.01; 3rd-Weslynn Campbell; 5th-Ahyanna Bradford; 8th-Tione Freeman

800m: 2nd-Lily Miller 2:51; 3rd-Aidan Fisher 2:52; 4th-Daniela Palacios 3:00; 8th-Ainsley 3:06

200m: 3rd-Jadyn Miller; 4th-Karen Giron; 6th-Kenzie Matson; 6th-Kylee Branch; 8th-Gracie Rocha

4x400m: 2nd-Emerson Wakefield, Kaylee Fluger, Lily Miller, Jayla Marks 4:40

8th grade Bethel Girls

Triple Jump: 7th-Destiny Galindo 26′

Discuss: 2nd-Harley Clancy 75’1”

High Jump: 1st-Brylee Bradford 4’10”

4x800m: 2nd-Brylee Bradford, Maddie Nelson, Aubree Fish, Mary Beth 11:22; 4th-Caitlyn Phillips, Mariel Ocana, Ashlin Fish, Paige Spicer 11: 54

100m Hurdles: 1st-Hannah Brewer 18.41; 2nd-Maddie Nelson 18.59; 4th-Estefania Ramirez 19.76

100m: 3rd-Ryleigh Young 13.70; 3rd-Destiny Galindo 14.06; 3rd-Jenna Wall 14.67

1600m: 4th-Maddie Nelson 6:26; 7th-Paige Spicer 6:34; 8th-Ashlin Fish 6:36

4x100m: 3rd-Eliza Parker, Mezmerize Tom, Ryleigh Young, Estefania Ramirez 56.46

400m:1st-Laura Kate Thomas; 1st-Natalie Edmonson; 3rd-Mezmerize Tom; 5th-Jenna Wall

300 Hurdles: 1st-Estefania Ramirez 56.01; 2nd-Maddie Nelson 56.01; 3rd-Hannah Brewer 1:01

800m: 1st-Brylee Bradford 2:35; 5th-Aubree Fish 2:56; 6th-Caitlyn Phillips 3:01; 7th-Mary Beth James 3:03

200m: 4th-Anna Kate Jordan; 5th-Larissa Whitworth; 5th-Harley Clancy; 6th-Mary Beth James; 7th-Madigan Marusiak

4x400m: 1st-Brylee Bradford, Laura Kate Thomas, Ryleigh Young, Eliza Parker 4:42; 3rd-Estefania Ramirez, Mariel Ocana, Destiny Galindo, Anna Brown 4:52

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