Hornets baseball records since 1998: Career RBIs

With no sports going on now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BryantDaily.com will roll out the records for Bryant Hornets baseball since 1998. 

These are mostly stats kept by me over those years.

I was unable to find stats from before then but if someone happens to have some, please contact me at rob@bryantdaily.com.

The stats will include one category per day until they’re all listed. 

— Rob Patrick

Career RBIs

Trevor Ezell                 90

Jordan Taylor              73

Travis Wood                69

Logan Chambers         68

Matt Brown                68

Aaron Davidson          64

Jason Hastings            59

Hayden Lessenberry   59

Justin Wells                 57

Coby Greiner               56

Zack Young                  56

Cody Graddy               56

J.J. Yant                       53

Jake Wright                 52

Garrett Misenheimer  52

Brandan Warner         51

David Guarno              51

Drew Tipton                50

Matt White                 50

Tyler Sawyer               47

Cody Walker               46

Hayden Daniel             45

Dustin Morris              45

Anthony Rose             45

Dylan Cross                 44

Tyler Nelson                43

Trey Breeding             42

Landon Pickett            41

Blake Patterson          40

Chris Joiner                 40

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