Ribbon-cutting ceremony: U.S. Pizza

The Bryant Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors welcome U.S. Pizza. Attending are,[more] from left, Brandon Cumba, Starla Beall, Barbara Riggin, Trish Jones, Judy Waller-Breece (owner), Kandace Hartz, Drew Weber, Allison Ramsey, Karen Grice, Susie Everett, Rae Ann Fields. In the back are Becky Blacklaw, Carla Harris, Kathy Pannell, Kristy Byrd, Melissa Weeks, Nick Patel, Tim Blakely, Jerry Ponder, Lauren Felton, Jeremiah Oltmans, Melissa Bodily, Angela Hurst, Bill Eldridge, Suzie Winn, Jackie Jones and Dylan Schaffer.

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