Rogers seeks Ward 3, Position 1 spot

Phyllis Rogers has been a Bryant resident for 15 years and wants to serve her community by becoming a City Alderman.

Living in Ward 3, Rogers has filed as a candidate for Position 1 that is currently held by Adrian Henley. However, Rogers says that everyone should have a chance to serve their community and she has made plans to make that happen.[more]

"I believe in volunteering and giving back to my community," she said in an exclusive interview with "Everybody should have a chance to serve in their city in local positions. I am interested in what the citizens have to say."

And Rogers wants to be her Ward's voice in Bryant city government.

"The main thing is to find out the concerns of the citizens by listening to them," she said. "If they want something done, I want to be the one to accomplish it for them. It's about the community and the constituents of this Ward."

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