Ward announces candidacy for Saline County sheriff

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James Ward (R-Alexander) has officially announced his candidacy for Saline County sheriff.[more]

James Ward

“I’m determined to win the sheriff’s race and put the safety of Saline County residents first,” Ward said. “ I have a vested interest in the safety and security of Saline County. This is my home. This is where I raise my family.”

Ward said his family is the primary reason he chose to run for sheriff. He and his wife Shirley are raising their three small children in one of the fastest growing counties in Arkansas. The county’s growth equals an increase in violence and property crime rates that exceed the nation’s average, according to the latest data released by Sperling’s.

“It’s time to get serious about crime in this county,” Ward said. “I intend to protect Saline County citizens as if they were my own family.”

Ward knows about safety and security issues. Throughout his lifetime, he has helped protect the citizens of Saline Country through his service in the Army Guard and his time as a Saline County reserve deputy and volunteer firefighter. As founder and owner of COP Security Systems, he has provided home security systems to 10,000 Arkansans.

“I know and understand the importance Saline County citizens place on safety and security,” Ward said. “My goal is to make Saline County the safest county in Arkansas.”

Ward said his priorities as Saline County sheriff will include jail compliance, restoring ethics to the Sheriff’s Office, cutting unnecessary expenses to add more patrol officers and training, and growing and using technology to keep up with the increasing crime problems.

“It’s time for a change,” Ward said. “It’s time to make Saline County safe again.”

For more information and campaign updates about Ward, text “James Ward” to 90210 or logon to www.jameswardforsheriff.com.

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