Youth sports associations looking forward to play at Bishop Park

By Martin Couch

The main words out from Bryant Athletic Association president Michael Catton, who is in charge of youth baseball, and Casey McJunkins, who runs the Bryant Softball Association,[more] when they referred to Bishop Park was “awesome.”

Both were part of special registration sessions and introductions on Thursday, Jan. 26.

“It’s a top-notch facility,” Catton said. “We have had a pretty good turnout for signups, but parents usually are waiting to the last one or two days. But it’s been good. Last year, we had slightly over 700 and we are anticipating the same number, hopefully. We are going to start playing out here and we’ve still got some small things to get done.”

Along with the excitement of baseball, McJunkin feels the same way about the softball leagues that will be played at Bishop Park.

“Right now, we are moving into the new park and we have a lot of teams coming that are already here in the city and on the outside boundaries of the city,” McJunkin said. “We look for numbers to be really good this year.”

The softball association is bring in ASA tournaments as well as USSSA tournaments that include a world qualifier on April 9.

“This will bring teams from different states into our community and, on July 2, we will host a USSSA C-class State tournament here and later we will have the USSSA recreational State that will bring in a lot of teams, too. It’s going to be an exciting year.”

As far as the facilities are concerned, McJunkin has had an active role in getting the softball fields ready.

“It’s awesome,” he reiterated. “We have a state-of-the-art facility, lighting and concession areas. This park brings a lot to the central Arkansas area.”

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